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Anahata Harmony Journey

Alleviate daily stress, mental blocks, and physical pain while rediscovering your heart center. Long circular massage strokes combined with craniosacral techniques allow you to unwind the tension in your body. You'll feel a profound sense of peace and well being, with a renewed focus in your chosen direction.

  • 60 minutes $175
  • 90 minutes $225

Tides & Stones Massage
Your stress will ebb and your energy will flow freely with our hand-over-hand massage strokes. Next, you'll feel revitalized with smooth heated stones, long massage strokes, and our citrus wild thyme massage oil. Wave goodbye to knotted muscles as you float into deep relaxation.

  • 60 minutes $198
  • 90 minutes $248

Sommelier Massage

Combined techniques from our massage menu for your own exclusive massage. We will customize your signature oil, based on your biofeedback and preferences, and ensure a massage that incorporates a multitude of modalities. A small sample of your customized oil will be provided so you may continue your experience in the privacy of your home or guest room.

  • 60 minutes $160
  • 90 minutes $210
  • 120 minutes $260

Serenity Massage

Relieve stress with our signature blend of Calendula Orange and Myrtle Oil and classic massage techniques. Our therapist will communicate with your body to ensure a customized experience. Light to medium strokes will help boost your immune system, promote circulation and induce a state of serenity.

  • 30 minutes $95
  • 60 minutes $150
  • 90 minutes $200

Deep Relief Massage

Designed to ease sore muscles, chronic pain and athletic strain, this massage uses a variety of techniques to heal your every ache. The massage features a blended oil of arnica and wild turquoise sage, known for its healing qualities. Muscles are stretched and coaxed to relax areas of habitual tension leaving you energized and invigorated.

  • 30 minutes $120
  • 60 minutes $185
  • 90 minutes $230

Mother-In-Waiting Massage

Ease the discomforts of pregnancy with this specialized massage. Organic rose hip, tangerine, and jasmine essential oils uplift mood and nourish the skin, while shea butter provides deep hydration. A gentle mist of lavender, after some much needed body therapy, will bring you to a state of peaceful contentment. For the safety of our guests, Mother-in-Waiting Massage is only available for women in their second or third trimester.

  • 60 minutes $180

Couples Massage

Your choice of massage side-by-side in our Couples Room

  • 60 minutes or 90 minutes Starting at $350


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Laguna Cliffs Massage

Laguna Cliffs Massage

Laguna Cliffs Massage