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Receiving Charges:

  • $220.00 per pallet and/or skid to receive
  • $50.00 per case/crate to receive
  • $3.00 for individual boxes less than 50 lbs. and/or envelopes to receive
  • Delivery included
  • All pallets, crates, and/or large boxes weighing over 300 pounds will be charged an additional $110.00 each and for every 300 pounds thereafter.

Outgoing Processing and Handling Fees:
All individual outgoing items (boxes, letters, envelopes, tubes, flats, etc) are at Fed-Ex prevailing rates plus a 20% service charge.

Storage Charges:

  • Complimentary storage for one a 48 hour period.
  • $100.00 per pallet per day
  • $25.00 per case/crate per day
  • $3.00 per individual box less than 50 lbs. and/or envelopes

Special packaging, oversize, overweight, fragile items, etc. will be charged additionally based on materials used.











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